Interior crossing in winter

Do any of you out there in the northern climate have access to an indoor track? What's it like? Does it stink in there with the 2 strokes, do they heat the place, and is there any danger of hitting the rafters? I'm in the Montreal area and may go over to a place in Joliette with a freind if it works out in the next couple of weeks.

Thanks for reminding me why I live in SoCal... :)

Salut Hugh!

By the way I didn't see you at Repentigny last sunday, what's wrong with you man?

I rode a few times at the indoor track that was at St-Jean sur Richelieu.

It was different than the Tempo mx track you are talking about but one thing is gonna be the same: when there is too many riders it's not much fun.

I used to go practice there in the afternoon during the week with two of my friends and I would suggest that you check with if you can do the same at Joliette.

When there is a lot of riders you end up waiting your turn and it's not as "relaxing" when you have a limited time to learn the technical and tight track (you won't shift second on a 400!).

For the ventilation, I've been told that it was pretty good there and they do the track designs (they change it often) taking care of not having to deal with riders going thru the roof...



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I've ridden a few "indoor" arenacrosses in the great northwest. The roofs were never an issue, they are pretty tall here. I would assume the track designers plan for this. The 2 stroke smell will vary by arena. I went to one that had holes in the sides (actually it was just a roof over the track, not much on the sides except pillars). That place wasn't bad at all as long as there was a slight breeze. The other place is totally enclosed but they had those big 5 foot floor fans circulating fresh air in. A little stinky, but bearable.

Most of the tracks are pretty tight though because space is limited. Plan on running shorter gearing that you would for SX or MX style riding. The previous post is spot about the crowding, try to go on an off night so you can get more track time. I went to one where there were 9 different groups, each at 5 min a piece. That's only 5 minutes of track time every 45 min. The other place was 10 min of track time with only 4 groups. That was much better. I'm outta shape so I needed the 1/2 hour to recover from the 10 minutes of solid bar to bar riding.


Does the track in St-Jean still exist ?? I live in St-Philippe which is about a 10-15 min ride from St-Jean so if it`s still there I`d like to go take a look....

When I get rich (haha) I will buy a Home Depot and clear everything out of it and build a big SX track! How does that sound? LOL Hey it could happen. :) Later,


Many thanks for the reply guys!

Guy, I usually dont't ride in winter as my second love is cross-country skiing ( skate technique ) and live up morth where I have access to about 200K of groomed track. There is a snocross this weekend in Mirabel that I'm going to check out as spectator though. Hope your ice racing is going well. I'll surly hook up with you and your gang later in the spring!

As for the Tempo riding in Joliette I will post the tale. Also if any of you find out about St-Jean let me know!

Thanks for the replies! :)

The track in St-Jean went out of bussiness a while ago, it was transformed at the time to karting.

Try to get in touch with François Brodeur #167 pro mx, I know that he build an indoor track in that area in an old barn, that might be possible to arrange something with him.

Anyway I will see him sunday and I'll try to ask him about it.

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