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Adding a 50in led light bar on a 97-03 f150?

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google how to install it on my truck... Nothing


Finding the light bar isnt what is in question..... its installing it

Im assuming ill have to make a mount and weld it or bolt it down

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Why havent I heard of that? I know people that have them and have never covered them or gotten a ticket.......

If it is not DOT lighting- you can get a ticket. (operative word- CAN)

Must be unplugged (or fuse out) and covered.

All depends on the cop.

When I was a young A-hole (now I am an old A-hole) I installed a KC 365000 candle power pencil beam rearward for the tailgators I got sick and tired of. Aimed it right at driver level if they would be in a tailgating position. Worked VERY WELL at night...but VERY illegal...and dangerous. Removed it after about a week- didn't want to get pulled over. Didn't really care about the tailgators safety.

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