2014 wr450f exhaust

I'm looking to get a new machine and so syked about the new wr450f I have had previous wr400s and loved them and the fact that it has the yz250f look but with the 450 engine makes me melt lol I guess what I'm asking is I plan on getting a yosimura exhaust but the one I look up for this machine has the end hole tweeked to the side and in my opinion is hideous! I like the look of the regular rs4 which is straight or even the rs4d with dual holes basically what I'm asking is the 2012 yz250f yosi rs4 which is straight compatible with the wr450f 2014? Don't they have basically the same subframe except the left side to accommodate for their air filter box? Can any one shed any light I have even tried calling yosimura and yamaha/yamaha dealers no help! Even if it's just the slip on and not a fs! Please help

Not that its not out there, but I have not seen a new WR with the Yosi pipe on it.  It sounds like you're sold on the Yosi and if you can find it great.  But just to let you know I have a 2014 with the slip on FMF GYTR Power Core 4 and use it with and without the quiet insert, and absolutely love this pipe.  The FMF will probably also save you some money.  My .02

Thanks man and ya I'm really set on a yosimura I just talked to yosi the other day and they said the end caps can be switched so I'll pry be spending a lot more money but this way I'll have what I want

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