Trail rides or Moto X

I have been riding for about four years now (50/50 trails and moto x). I had my first race (moto x) yesterday and now (today) I find myself changing plans from going to Stonyford (my favorite trails) to racing again next weekend. Life is tuff, and I am sad to change my plans. I LOVE TO RIDE SO MUCH, this whole damn work thing is starting to get old. What a dilema.

I did not place that well, but I had a blast! Geez, did I say how much I love to ride?

I feel your pain bro'.

Work is for people that can't find anything better to do.

p.s. - Hey, I used to live in P town. 'Gun Point' area.

Hey, I live right off west Leland. I plan to use it as a stepping stone, but priorties (motorcycles) dictated my place to live for now. Hope to see you on the dirt sometime.

It's all good! Go ride wherever you think you will have the most fun. I miss the unemployment periods when I can ride 2-3 days per week, but I don't miss operating in the red. The trick is to figure out how to ride during the week by flexing your hours.

Double post

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I think that I have figured out how to ride more often, club moto is open till 10:00pm on Tuesday and Thursday. So that is sweet and it will help. I am more pressed for maintenance time to support me ride time. HE HE

That's my problem right now, finding the time to do all prep/mods that I want to do.

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