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Flywheel flywheel 2014 2012? Crf 250r

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I use RMATVMC to get my oem part numbers.


2012 31110-KRN-A61 FLYWHEEL

2014 31110-KRN-A81 FLYWHEEL

You should double check above but they are different part numbers. Doesn't mean the 14 won't work in a 12 but that's beyond my expertize.

FYI - I got an 11 oz stealthy for my 05 for $200.00

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How did the bike perform with the 11 oz. flywheel? Is that heavier than stock, and if so, how much? I have been considering this myself.

IMO - Best $200.00 + the $$ for the puller and gasket I've spent on my bike.


Nobody could give me a "Use this this size weight answer" so compromised and went 11oz which if I understand correctly is 11oz heavier than the stock weight.

I ride pretty much every type of terrain and it really helped in tight, knarly, slow single track, You can leave the bike in 1st or 2nd or 3rd and really lug it slow without stalling BUT it's not a recluse so you still have to be on the clutch just not as much as stock. If I was to do it again, I would think about 13 or 15oz.

Did not notice anything negative.

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