Sight tube on 650r

I want to add a sight tube to my 650. I have the scotts stabilizer which fits into the dip stick hole and need to take the stabilizer off everytime I want to check my oil level. Does anyone have any experience installing a sight tube? I have already checked out the Yahoo page on how to do it but, I'm a little bit nervous about drilling into my frame. How do you prevent any of the medal shavings from falling inside the frame? Any suggestions or hints would be appreciated.

Drill very sowly. Also, grease the drill bit so the filings stick to the bit and wipe off any shavings if necessary. When you tap it, grease the tap as well and clean it off if necessary. Turn the tap 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time to cut new threads, then turn it back a little, then turn it 1/8 to 1/4 turn at a time, then turn it back a little, etc. It's very quick and easy to do. Run the bike for a while to get it good and warm afterwards and change the oil as a precaution (put the man-funnel to use!). Also, clean the oil downtube screen as a precaution. If you're in SoCal, you can get the parts from McMaster-Carr or another place like it. You'll be done with it soon enough :)

qadsan do you have one of these on your bike? If so do you feel these work pretty well?

I've put a few of these kits together and installed them on some friends bikes and one for my brother-in-law over the last year or two, but haven't put one on mine yet. It's just been a timing thing where I've either forgotton about it or didn't have the time when I remembered, etc, and now my home improvement and other projects will probably keep this project at bay for another year :). I've been doing the same thing for many years with fuel tanks on our trailers so I can quickly determine how much fuel is in our tanks. Sight gauges are simple and work very well.

After you drill the holes clean them well, cleen the fittings put it all together, remove the bolt to the oil supply hose at the bottom of the frame. Remove the hole thing and you will find a screen. Clean the screen and flush the oil tank till nothing comes out. I have the oil sight tube setup and got all the stuff from Ace hardwear. Has worked great through many crashes and I jump my BRP and push the Oinker to it's limit. Has lasted a year. I will change the tube soon just for maintance reasone soon. :)

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