Odd starting problem

I know it is a big no-no to blip the throttle when starting these machines, but sometimes(quite often actually) I have to, to get my 02 going again. If I don't the bike starts for a second then shuts off, like it's outta gas. Could this mean my accelerator pump could be busted? Anybody else have this problem? Thanks

P.S. After growing up in cental massachusetts I have one more thing to say..HOW BOUT THEM PATS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YEAH!

You might want to try to either raise your idle a tad, or richen the mixture screw a little.

I don't know what your weather conditions are, but I've learned that in cooler weather (around 40 degrees) I have to blip my 02's throttle a couple times before kicking and it will start 1st kick every time. Otherwise, I'll have the symtoms you described. Warmer weather requires no blips to start.

Hey 4:20 Is it time yet? :D I too have to twist her once or twice to start the fire in the cold (below freezing) then 1 or 2 kicks and its go time.

you may want to richen the air screw, or fatten the pilot a size.

how does she run when warm?

And have a good time :) lets go riding :D

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