Moving bars forward on 2015 450 for taller rider

Hello everyone,


Just after some advice for setting my bike up since i'm on the taller side (6,5) 


Since the the bike appears to have 2 mounting hole positions for the lower handlebar mounts (i assume this why there are 2 holes the manual doesn't say anything) an i likely to gain anything by moving the bars to the forward mounting holes (bit of extra bar height/space?) or could that actually harm the handling?


[/url] [/url]">http://'>DSC_0110_zps6d8d1a6d.jpg


Thanks for any help

It is actually four positions because you can turn the bar mounts 180 degrees as well.. You are taller than me. (6'1") but i did not like the stock bars on my '14 450. They felt too narrow and my elbows were in my side alot.  I bought the renthal RC high bend and it feels amazing. I was worried at first because the bars look huge on the bike, but once i rode standing up was so much easier and there is alot more room now..             


I had the stock bars as far forward as possible and the handling was fine. I recommend looking into some new bars that have a high bend to them. 

Thanks for that, i already run rethal windham high bars and fastway low pegs but still feel kind of awkward when on the pegs and feel like its hard to twist on the throttle because of the angle my arms end up at so still looking to fine tune a little bit still, i use bar risers too but a lot of people seem to think these hurt handling? but i guess at the end of the day you learn to ride your bike how you set it up its really only other people that might find handling issues but that could just be a random theory of mine

Definitely move them to the forward position.

All the way forward if you're tall.  I'm 6' and wouldn't have them any closer.


Tall bars on this bike REALLY hurt the handling and the ability to weight the front.  I took mine off immediately and went back to the stock bars.  Gonna just run the low pegs instead.

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