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2003 WR250F HELP

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Hi there everybody,


I have a problem with my 2003 WR250F. I was riding, accelerating in 3rd or 4th gear and the engine suddenly stalled out and died, and i may have heard some noise from the engine near my right foot as it died out. I at first thought it seized, although quickly realized that was not the case as the rear tire didnt lock up and it still changed gears. 


It had appropriate fluids in it at the time of this happening. I now have it parked in my garage and am trying to diagnose the problem. If I try to kickstart it, I have one full stroke before it locks again, then i have to put in 2nd gear and rock it back to regain compression. Electric start tries to fire up when compressions there.


If anybody can add any insight to my problem it would be much appreciated. I hope my explanation makes sense lol


Cant get the damn thing started. Trying to figure out whats wrong. Anybody??? Please.

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Pull the right side case cover (not the clutch cover) and inspect everything, maybe the clutch hub loosened up etc.  If you do not find anything than do the same with the left side.  If you find nothing then it is time to pull the motor.  With the covers off it will be easier if you are going to pull the motor to break the magneto nut, crank not, balancer nut, and clutch hub nut while the engine is still in the frame.

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