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PW50 oil injection tube broken?

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Sudco can't identify the part.  The tube is 3mm and barbed, but Sudco insisted they couldn't match up the parts. Considering how vulnerable this part is, I'm surprised this isn't a more common occurrence with a reasonable solution.


This is BS.  I can't believe my only practical options are to buy an entire carb or bypass the entire oil injection system.  Yet another reason why I have only owned 2 yamahas but 9 hondas. Guess which ones have been easier to own?

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Took me a while to find it too, so don't feel bad. I don't know if the old one is a screw in or press-in. I have a PW80 carb that I had a machinist friend bore, unfortunately, he converted the metric specification I sent him to SAE and said "Oh, that's 5/8ths inch!" and the bore was now oversized just enough to see daylight on the sides of the carb slide which means the carb is useless without a new slide.

It's OK though, the carb was in really bad shape, it worked, but it had some severe oxidation issues in the bowl area.

Let me find it and try to press it out with a vise. If it's a press-in, you'll need to tap the hole left by the broken barb, which is really no big deal., Heck, you could just drill it and carefully use JB weld to hold it in place, but threaded is better, IMHO.

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