Price Check on Aisle 3

I have a friend who wants to buy my 2003 WR450.  Bike is basically stock, but has a Baja Designs dual sport kit with AZ plate, Trailtech computer, Devol skid plate, Cycra CRM handguards, Turntech lithium battery, Ironman sprockets, and the 2004 starter upgrade mod.  Motor runs great and does not burn oil, suspension does not leak, everything in good working order.  After looking at some other older WR450s for sale, I was thinking $2500 would be a fair asking price.  Does this sound reasonable?


Very good price. If it's pretty clean in good shape I'd bump it a little higher though.

I just paid 3100 for a street legal 2006 that was bone stock with exception of hand guards and triple plate.

But it needed some love. I've dumped an extra 3000 on her and now she's perfect :-)

My point is, unless it's a good friend, go higher :-)


Obviously selling to friends and wanting the best/most for the bike is a tricky situation. I'd start at $2500 and offer to dial the bike in for the first few outings so there's no buyer's remorse.

Appreciate the input guys.  It's a done deal at $2500

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