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I recently purchased a wr450 2003, the bike has been sitting for 2 months, been waiting on parts to upgrade the started damper assembley, all that arrived this morning from america so fitted it straight away, anyway the bike turned over and after a few turns it back fired, then it started fine, i did noticed some coolant coming from the weep hole but fiqured this was just because it has sat for a while but maybe may need to replace the seals.

So gave the throttle a quick blip and it cut out, and now it wont re-start, i put some carb cleaner in the fuel about 2 weeks ago thinking the parts were gonna be here the next day but 2 weeks later ive just started it.

Any suggrestions or advice would be good.





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Do not use in-fuel carb  cleaner

You need a R&D remote fuel screw,( so you can adjust the fuel screw remotely) and a new pilot jet (your is clogged or corroded).

When you put in the new pilot jet, if you see any green or white corrosion, pull the carb and clean it and replace all the replaceable rubber parts.

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