bike died today....think my top end is dead....

So I was out riding with my buddy was running great, I was feeling good...but then disaster. Was crusing up a fire road behind my buddy doing about 70mph...start smelling oil....then moments later notice a dramatic loss in I come to a stop bike dies. bike wont start and it's got little to no compression... :) Start freewheeling back down the hill and notice a lot of oil on the gravel...mine. :D came out my big black vent hose...

I'm hoping that I can get away with just replacing the piston and rings....hopfully no other damage. Found out why it died though. I must have some kind of blockage or something in my coolent overflow tank was totally full but there was nothing left in my radiators....bone arse dry. Must've just overheated and fried. Any advice/ideas would be helpful. Thanks in advance for any help...


Yeah, sounds like you blew your head gasket, which would cause your coolant to be pushed out the tank's overflow, then the engine lacked coolant and overheated... You'll just have to open her up and check the damages. Your head may also be warped or cracked.

By the way, do you really own a Yamaha (hahaha) or are you just a hot head? :)

yup I certainly do own my 00 the bike. :) the hahaha part of my handle is aimed more at having fun on the bike than making fun of it.

Cool. Glad to hear you still love your Yam. Let us know what you find. Where about are you anyway? Southern USA?

I live in Eugene Oregon.

If you did blow a head gasket, you will see it in your oil, it will look kinda milky whiteish. As for the coolant being in the reserve bottle and nothing in the Radiators maybe the water pump blew, thus overheating, thus blowing head gasket, then blowing topend?

How do you test for the water pump having gone out? :) The impeller looks ok....and turns...



hey man just out of you have a 2000 400?? i thought that 99 was the last year for the 400's??

Maybe from another country????I think they made the 400's for a few more years overseas to comply with the isdt rules.

They sold 400's in australia in 2000, but thats pretty normal for the japs to send the left overs down under :) I don't believe we got the steel valve 426 here thought, but I may be wrong.


It's a 2000 wr400...the wr switched to 426 in 01....yzf went to 426 in 00...

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