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Engine Revs when warm - DR350S 1991

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After driving my bike for a bit or letting it run in the driveway it will start to rev quite high. Ususally if I'm driving it I let out the clutch a bit to bring it down. I was thinking thee was a vaccum leak somewhere.  I let the bike warm up and started spray some carb cleaner in places to see if there was a change in the RPM.  Turns out I can totally stall the bike if I spray at the interface for the mounting flange from the carb to the cylinder head.  Know that the bike only is affected when it is hot, if it is still cool there is no change.


I'm know there is a gasket behind the flange that I can cheaply and easily replace however considering the bike is almost 25 years old I figure I will replace  the entire flange for peace of mind.  What I can't figure out is what to order. All of the sites out there seem to sell the Mikuni flanges but the measurments are all over the place. The aftermarket mikuni doesn't seem to require the o-ring either. is this a safe bet? They also don't seem to be a direct fit instead really having a +/- tolerance.  For instance:  Carb size 40-44mm, Bolts C-C 74.6mm, Throat depth 29mm.

Having a 4mm range or whatever the proper flange will have seems like quite a lot. 


If I go to bike bandit they sell the OE flange but only for the dirt model 1991 dr350 not the "s" model like my bike.  I read these have differnt carbs.  Would this part not fit? 


Any thoughts would be super helpful





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You need a 13101-14D10.

Google it. PartZilla has it, and it looks like Suzuki does too.

The o-ring is separate.

Go to www.thisoldtractor.com and download the pdf for the parts fiche. It is a great resource.

Good luck!

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