Badlands MX 1st practice

I saw alot of thumpers out at Badlands MX in Celeste Texas on Sunday Day practice.

There were some awsome riders on YZ426's and YZ250F. Those guys made it look too easy.

The track is totally redesigned and looked great cept it was a litte muddy for me. I suck in the mud.

They combined the A and B class...There were two dudes on thumpers running together that put the fear in me when they came up from looked back at me in the air over a double.....Like I was in his way or something...Sorry dude!!!!!....I can't go any dam faster. :)

God I suck!!!!!!

You know what, if he was a pretty fast rider, he shouldnt have a problem with passing you... just keep your line and you'll be fine! :)

Oh yeah we all sucked once upon a time! hehe :D

my .02

word! :D

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