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kxf 450 2011

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hello guys. i just bought today a kawi 2011 450. i would like to know if the 2012 graphics can fit on the 2011 model in addition if possible to add the plastics on too.




The graphics from the 2012 won't fit on the 2011 (completely different design). Same goes

for the plastics.


Congrats on the new bike!

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20150127_231603.jpg20150124_130958.jpg20150127_231557.jpgI put all 12-15 plastics and airbox on my 11 kx450f and modified my seat to accommodate the plastic change. A blowtorch to heat the plastic and a sharp box cutter also heated with the torch went right through the seat base.  Take a little off at a time until you have the right fit.  Also i broke off the tabs from the stock numberplate and glued them through the new number plate to accommodate the fit.   I didn't bother making a mount where the one bolt hole difference is on the shrouds, instead i shaved it down giving it the same appearance and size as the other extra hole just behind it.  It also allowed the shrouds to fit closer to the tank lessening the difference a 2012-15 seat would make up if the rear mount tabs didn't need modified also(this was my hesitation between sacrificing my stock seat or buying a new one.  I felt modifying the stock was an easier and safer route and am happy with the result) .   The front fender holes lined up perfectly as well as everything else once the new airbox was mounted, which was also a breeze.  I believe the same swap can be done on the 250f but you need the 250f shrouds as well as they are indeed completely different than the 450.  Anyways, I am super happy with it and here are some pics!

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