issue with third gear

2004 WR450f with the motor basically stock.


I was out ridding today and suddenly I had a problem with third gear.  I can shift easy into and out of third gear.  It stays in gear until I put a bit of power to it and then it feels like it just goes to neutral.  Then when I let off the power it catches again.  It only happens in third gear.  It is not the rear slipping or the clutch as I can nail it in any other gear and no slipping. With the motor off putting it into third and rolling it turns the motor over so there is some engagement.


Any ideas what this could be?  Is there any chance of fixing it without splitting the case?

Well I was HOPING it would be something simpler.  But sounds like the case needs to be split to fix it. How long would it take, neglecting time to acquire parts, to pull the motor split it, go through it and get it back together?  I am no slouch with a wrench but I do have a day job..  Once I get it out and open I am sure there will be other things that I need to do while it is on the bench.  Seems like a lot of work for an 11 year old dirt bike.  Trying to figure out if the cost and time would be worth it to me.

Well I fixed it.  Strange thing, some how fixing a transmission turned the bike orange and black.  



Thanks for all the help everyone.


What a mistake

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