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Rekluse 3.0 Spring settings

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I have been running a Rekluse now for about 4 years and racing with it the entire time, never had a problem with any of the clutches and probably 150hrs on my CRF, 120 on my other 350, and just starting on my 14. I figure it would be a good thread for those that tinker with their bikes, like suspension, tires, or the EXP spring settings. On my 06 CRF450R, I had problems with pop-stalling, so I had to run heavy duty EXP springs so I could run the idle higher than normal for the woods racing I do. Not so the case with my past 2 KTM's.


My 12' 350XCF with the 2.0 I ran the stock springs


Current 14 KTM 350XCF I am running the stock springs as well.


That being said, I have a buddy who just got a 15 350XCF who installed the stock springs in one side and the softer set in the other and says he likes it better than his 13 350XCF with the stock ones.


Just food for though.

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