anyone know if the left case cover for a YZ will fit a WR

I want to put a 03 YZ450 engine cover on my 03 WR450 so I can eliminate the e start. Does anyone know if this will work? I did a search but came up with nothing.

You can eliminate the e-start and keep the WR450 side case. Cheaper and no need to wory about the YZ fit. I dont think anyone has gone to that length to eliminate the e-start. :)

Well what do you cover the hole with where the starter goes?


gytr makes a plug for the yfz450 quad and it should work in our wrs. The yz sidecover won't work First the middle cases are different and Second the stator setup on the wr is bolted to the ignition cover on the wr.

DAMN.........I thought for sure it would work, so went ahead and ordered it. :D

Oh well, 20% restock fee :)

Why didnt you just buy a YZ450F. Only down side is one less gear. But then you just have to gear it down.

I pulled my e-start, all the intermediate gears, battery and the top of the air filter cover. As for the hole in the side case, I took the side case to a local welder (I didn't want a rubber plug to fall out while on the trail; get recommendations for a good welder) and had him plug the whole and weld the seams. He said I could grind the welds and remove the plug if I ever wanted to put the starter back in. Don't forget to re-attach the ground.

My bike is now 10 pounds lighter. That does not seem like a lot compared to the total weight but it feels subliminally lighter and quiker to flick. Carb access is easy, although I haven't touched it since I got it set. My Bike starts first kick and I will never worry about getting stranded on the trail.

My bike runs and feels great. My only complaint is a slight pause if I grab to much throttle quikly (this does not occur everytime). I have ordered #40 and #50 leak jets and will make the mod to get rid of that.

Setup: 2000-5000 ft. elevation. 160 main, 48 pilot, 2 turns zip-ti, e-series slip on with 5 discs, protaper bars, Topar triple clamp, Trail Tech endurance computer, Race Tech Gold front and rear, S-12 front and 756 rear (great combo)

The rest of the family:

2003 KX250

2003 CRF 450

2001 RM250

2003 TRX250 (the wifes)

Why didnt you just buy a YZ450F. Only down side is one less gear. But then you just have to gear it down.

First of all, gearing it down will make it slower on the top. If anything you would have to gear it up. But first gear is taller on the YZ so that would make it even taller.

Also I need the bigger tank and lights. The electric start is worth its weight in gold. The only reason I want to take it off is because I got an auto clutch, so its virtually impossible to stall it. All I have to do is start it once on the starting line. :)

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