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Settings For Trail Tech Vapor Temp & RPM's

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Just installed a Trail Tech Vapor on my 2014 500 exc and am looking for where to set the temperature settings for the warning lights to come on at.. First one is an orange light then red light.  Any suggestions?


Also for the RPM rev light.


I realize these are variable just looking for some #'s to put in to give me an idea.


Thanks in advance.

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I forget my settings as I pulled the vapor off my 500 about a year ago and threw it in the bottom of my tool box where I'd be sure to drop a hammer on it...by accident of course.

How I set mine up was I ran it easy fully warmed up down the hwy at about 50mph under no load and no fan on and took the reading. I then let it idle until the fan came on and took that reading. I then let it idle some more until the radiator started spitting out fluid through the overflow. With those readings (a little over 200 if I recall) I set the first light at the reading the fan came on so I'd know when riding when my fan was on because hammering the trails you won't hear it. I then set the second light at the reading where the radiator was spitting fluid.

For the tach I set the first light at 7,800 where I felt I was in the meat of the pull and the second/steady light at 9,500 which on my bike was about 100 rpm below the limiter.

Good luck. Be sure to put some foam behind the battery to keep it tight. One small vibration disconnect and all your data is lost!

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