Counter sprocket or rear sprocket??

I hear of most guys changing the front sprocket to a 13 for trail riding and then back to a 14 for MX tracks. Why not go to a 51 in the rear or so?? I know fronts are this the case here???


Changing the front size by one tooth is equivalent to changing the rear size by many teeth. I don't remember the numbers off of the top of my head but 3 rings a bell.

1 in front = 3 in rear

Also $20.00 for front over $50. for rear

front very easy 1 nut and also no need to change the chain.I RUN 14 FRONT 48 REAR

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My dad has an 01' YZ 426 and he does the trails. He took the front down 1 and it runs great. Front is much easier and cheaper. 1 in the back, from what I know probably wouldnt make much difference, just depending on how much change you want.

It is all relative.

It is a ratio.

If the # of teeth on the back is 50 and you go from 14 to 13 the ration is 3.571 compared to 3.846.

but if you were at ......let's say .....52rear and you went from 14 to 13 it would be 3.714 to 4.00.

But then again I am a cheap bastard! :)

and $11 is 1/4 the $44 for the rear!

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Thanks guys....I was thinking the same thing.

I just got my 01 426 and went on the trails with it. I know it definately needs some taller gearing.

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