Recommendation for springs: 250 lb rider on '01 XR650L

Can anyone recommend spring rates for this rider weight on an XR650L. This guy will be street and trail rider, not fast and not technical at all. Will the stock springs be far off?



.47kg fork spring and 12.5kg shock spring = 250pound rider

Stock is .44kg fork springs and 11.0 shock spring = 190 pound rider. If it's for fire roads and street use stock will work but, it sould have the right preload (race sage). Any big bumps will give a squishy ride. (less controle) Change out the stock fork fluid to a good 5wt Cartrige fork fluid.

I have that springs you need. I have the 12.5 looks brand new as well as a fork spring kit that lets you vary the spring rate. It is a race tech kit with all pieces and instructions. I used these to run hare scramles and enduros 3 or 4 years ago and did very well on the bike. I miss the old 600 a bunch.

send me an email and you may hit a gold mine as well as allow me to gain more storage space.


I'm also a 'large' individual. When I bought my '04 XR650L, I had the dealer install .46 Racetech fork springs, and order the 12kg shock spring. After many weeks of waiting, I called Racetech regarding status of the shock spring. They stated the 11kg is the heaviest they offer anymore. They discontinued the 12kg. So I have an Eibach 12.5kg coming this week to install. I will let you know.

Also, if you go to, you can answer a few questions regarding you bike, weight, and type of riding, and it will tell you the recommended springs.

Have fun!

Mike in KC

I agree with the other posts however others have stated to go with 10 weight oil (racetech for one).

Also get the SRC fork brace. big help!

I have talked to 2 people now who have the racetech valve in and say it is well worth it also.

I think I will step that direction after I get this carb worked out.


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