chris! jetting!

Hey man, I went to a 165 main and a 48 pilot, stock needle setting, and it works like a dream. I even was running a 168 in the 55f weather last weekend and it pulled long and hard...

Best of all, it seems to have eliminated my cool weather fouling issues, so far...

BTW, I am heading to VP this weekend, sure wish some buddies would make it too, I have bad luck there when I don't ride with my homies LOL, so come on out man, looks to be a decent weekend so far...


Feb 8 Partly Cloudy 68°F 48°F

UV Index: 6 Moderate


Feb 9 Partly Cloudy 69°F 51°F

UV Index: 6 Moderate


Feb 10 Partly Cloudy 71°F 57°

(are you listening Loop and mxaddict???)

Thanks Keith, I might give it a try. Honestly, I can't say I am dissatisfied with stock settings. Where in the rpm range did you notice the improvements?

I fouled a plug for the 1st time last weekend when starting and Don is having hell with his '02 fouling. He has gone through 10 plugs in 8 rides.

I had to install a new tank as mine cracked 2 weeks ago.... the POS.

Sat works better for me, how about you?

weekend looks good but my parents are comming up sat so if i hit VP it will be sunday... i may run down to Splendora Friday if everything calms down here at work ....or wait & goto VP sunday

It made a nice difference in the top end pull, before, it would go "flat" and feel dead, and I had to shift sometimes when I did not want to because there was no pull left. It also improved my starting and I have not fouled a plug yet, and I have started it several times in this cool weather we been having...

Next step..BK mod...they say it is wonderful when rejetted like this!

Saturday is the day then! I am bringing along a guy we used to race with, he rides a CR250 and has not found the StrokerNirvana© as we have, so go easy on him! :)

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