WR426 front brake upgrade

I'm looking at upgrading the front brakes on my wr426, and am looking for a setup good enough to easily do stoppies with.

I'm aware that motostrano sells a fancy kit with the steel line, bigger caliper, and master cylinder for a pretty penny!

I seem to recall that there is a cheaper way to accomplish the same thing, but I can't remember the details. I think I heard something about getting a brake assembly from a YFZ450 and bolting that on?

Anyone ever do any upgrades to the front brake setup, or know how to do this for cheaper than $500??

Braking/GYTR 270mm upgrade which is good on the dirt


EBC 320mm upgrade for street


but to make it stoppie really easy (like one finger stoppies).. it's gonna cost a penny to upgrade the caliper, master, brake line, rotor, adapter and pads

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 Moose racing sells a 260mm kit and caliper relocation bracket

Add full sintered EBC pads and you'll be under $200

Motion pro makes a braided brake line: add $70

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