'02 426

Going through the end of 10 hour break and noticed a slight ping or high pitched rattle when accelerating at low rpm only. Any Ideas?

Sounds like you have the swingarm slider loose as described on Motoman393's website. I had the same rattle and fixed it as he described here: http://www.mx393.cjb.net Go to tech articles and you will see it near the bottom. I used a strip of weather stripping for mine. Worked fine.

-- Charles

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sorry, i screwed up the url, try this:

swingarm fix

-- Charles

Ahh yes, sure enough, the chain guide seems to be the culprit. Curious as to why it happens to some bikes and not others.

Who knows...but you better fix it before your swingarm gets wear on it! This would be the first thing I would do to a new bike, other than grease the linkage and steering stem! Later,


Shouldn't Yamaha cover this fix under the warranty? Wonder if a larger washer would fix the problem.

Motoman if you didn't know, check this message out.

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How did you get the foam to stay in place on the swingarm fix? I used silicone and after one ride it had moved and was coming off. I was anxious to ride and only let it cure for around 2 hours (maybe this was the problem). Have you had to redo yours????

Also, I made your pilot screw adjuster and it works great......thx.


02' 426

Twin walls


Motomans pilot adj.

2 crashes.....3 rides :)


I used self-adheasive weather stripping and it has stayed ever since. Just stuck it to the swingarm.

-- charles

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