I have a yz450 dirt bike. I just recently tore the bike down to change the bearing and crank shaft. After assembling the motor I tried to start and everything was fine. Idle and all. When I shift to takeoff u can feel that it is in gear. Only problem was bike didn't want to move. I tried all gears and everything shifts right but will not move. Any suggestions.

Sounds like the clutch.  Start by making sure you have 3mm free cable travel at the clutch lever. 

Gonna take a look a the clutch today.

Anymore suggestions.

Yep. Split the case again. Been there done that!

Yep. Split the case again. Been there done that!

split the case but what do I look for. Forgot to mention, when on gear and high rev bike tends to move slowly.

It really sounds like a clutch issue. Maybe your mising a disk. Did you actually pull the clutch apart or did you just check the free play as ?suggested before

Just checked on the clutch and I installed it wrong. Two of the clutch were together and two disk were together. So I reset it. Now gonna put everything back. I'll post an update. Thanks for help.

Bike is running nice clean and fast. Thanks guys.

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