Wow, I will never ride my WR like this gentlemen is riding his, but it is pretty amazing to see what my bike can actually do. That may be the best video I've seen on the WR and I never met an Australian that I didn't like. Awesome, thanks for posting that.

Wow...that's some great riding.

It's even plated!

Awesome video!!

It's even plated!


It's a nice Vid. I noticed the plate also.

Sponsors gotta love the effort Green and company put into that vid. Very nice!

Great video!

All those AORC videos are great. The 2012 Team Ballard WR450F intro video was outstanding!

WOW!!!!     I want to be like that dude when I grow up!!!!



Shit, I'm already grown up.....     I guess ill just what that video again....

Cool, that's exactly how I ride mine.

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