Badmeat's 2009 WR450F SM Build

4500k HID kit is installed:


Hows it going? Looks like you went with the 4.25" rear rim. Plenty of room with the tire and chain clearance? Do you think a 5" width would work?


Hows it going? Looks like you went with the 4.25" rear rim. Plenty of room with the tire and chain clearance? Do you think a 5" width would work?

The real determining factor is going to be the tire width. The width of the rim is just going to change the overall profile of the tire. I would think a 5" wheel with a 150 would be about as wide as my 4.25". I just don't think I'd want that flat of a tire profile. All tires are gonna size up a bit different too. A 150 in one brand could look like a 160 in another. I would NOT advise trying to fit a 160 on the rear though....unless that particular tire runs very narrow.

Turning the rear spokes 1/2 turn and going with a roller chain have helped me get about 1/8" of clearance between the chain and tire on my 4.25"/150 rear setup. My Toxic Moto chain block should be here this week.


An issue that I've ran into regarding the front forks is- they don't compress. There's no static or rider sag. I've loosened the triple clamps, removed the wheel, and also adjusted the compression and rebound damping to stock specs. They're very very stiff and feel as if something is not right. I need to have the suspension resprung and valves for me anyway, since I'm 190 lbs without gear, so I'll be ordering Racetech springs and valving.

I had planned to hold off on the suspension until mid-season, but since I will have the forks torn down, I might as well set it up for my weight.

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I'm pretty sure they are going to be worth the wait!


I plan on getting everything together tonight or tomorrow, test it on my street, then head to the DMV for the out of state inspection tomorrow or Thursday. Pumped!!!

Sweet build! Thanks for that key DIY. Let me know how you like yoiur 15/44 setup, Did it sacrifice too much tourque for top end in your opinion?

I'm actually running 15/42, but I have yet to ride the bike.

Going to finish this nice one off with some BNG's? What was up with the forks, just overly sprung?

Man! That thing is going to be too pretty for the dirt !!


BTW: on my '06 there is this weird throttle 'surge' that happens at steady state const throttle position (like on the hiway or wide open road)

Its annoying

I believe it happens due to the throttle position potentiometer that is supposed to tell other systems the throttle position

No idea why may Carbed '06 has one

Yours may have a similar issue


The seat is a hard as a brick for long rides too

I cannot find a softer seat or foam insert w/o going the Cu$tom route

Soft, Medium or Hard?


I want something plush for long street rides


But the foam is kinda thin (especially aft) to start with so if its too soft it will bottom out on the seat pan = Hard

I am going to try the soft tall version. But it's going to be a month or two. Rekluse is coming first.

4500k HID kit is installed:


How difficult was this install?  Looking to convert to HID but not even sure what all I need.  I have a '14 450F.

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