differnce between Dunlop 51 and 51F front ire



both suck.. get a mx52..

Agree with Dren...tried both the 51 and 52. Won an MX52f, rode with it twice and tossed it. It might work good in a parking lot, but not on any dirt around here!

To answer the question, the "F" designates that it's intended for use on a four-stroke.  The assumption is that the 4T is heavier, so the load range of the tire is slightly higher, and the sidewalls a little stiffer. 


The MX 51 has been replaced by the MX 32.  Might want to go that way instead.

Bought 4- 51f for $100. couldn't pass it up.  Already sold 2 for $75each! Made $50 and still have 2 to use!  May sell others and buy 51s

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