2012 wr450 starting problems after overheating

My idle was only 1600!! I set it to 2100. Heres the good part, my ECU settings were completely changed.??????? On 11/14 I reset my ECU to the "GYTR by FMF exhaust" settings.                            FUEL: 3/4+2,+3,+3   3/8+2,+4, +4   1/8+2,+4,+4            IGNITION: 3/4+2,+2,+1   3/8+3,+3,+2.  1/8+3,+3,+3        When I checked the settings today, they were completely changed!!!        FUEL: 3/4-2,-4,-4  3/8:-2,-4,-4  1/8-2,-2,-2          IGNITION: 3/4+3,+2,+2  3/8:+3,+3,+2  1/8+3,+3,+3      As you can see the ign settings stayed close but the fuel was way changed. So my Comp ECU somehow changed on its own.   Since I raised the idle and remapped, I'm starting 1st press of the button again. Let you know in a few days how its going.. Looking GOOD, Thanks All.

How can the ECU mapping change on it's own?

I misinterpreted what I was reading on my GYTR power tuner. It was a previous map I had used labeled Sharp/Street. I liked the throttle response on this mapping but it made my header cherry red so I changed it. Nevertheless with the idle adjust and reprogram my bike is running and starting perfectly. Just rode the same trail run as yesterday, where I stalled 4 or 5 times. Today after the reprogram and idle adjust, no stalling and the bike has started first time everytime! My bike just went through a torture test and came up ACE's. I expected the worst scenario and ended up with the best. Yamaha truly makes an awesome machine. Will post a vid of today's ride. The difference is Amazing from yesterday. I would have to say my starting issues were mainly idle related.









Glad you got it sorted out.

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Lucky you didn't toast the motor! Just out of curiosity, were you running a synthetic oil?

My guess is that the answer is yes

I dont think an engine with conventional oil could have survived that

Congrats! Yet another Warrior Racer story for the WR. Now go purchase a lottery ticket because you are one lucky MF!

I use Yamalube 10/40. I think my saving grace was the cold temps. I have stood by my WR since new vs. The 30 lb and 3k, more expensive pumpkins. This situation has locked me into the WR for years to come. I spank all my KTM riding buddies now. LOL. Wait till we go 30 lbs lighter ad a 6th gear with a street legal title. Love my WR. One of the best bikes I have ever owned, as well as my YZ.

 I spank all my KTM riding buddies now. LOL

Didn't realize that you were into that, but hey, don't ask, don't tell.....to each his own.



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