WR450 No Spark

I tested my igniton  coil and the primary coil reads 00.4 ohms the limit in the book calls for .08 ohms, so this is quite a ways above.


Im not sure if this would cause a no spark situation or not ( im assuming it does since its the primary coil?). The secondary coil is within spec.


I checked for loose wires and even removed my ignition switch ( I previously mixed up the switches for the ignition and kill, but I don't think this does anything since it was the button that changed and not any wiring).


Any ideas before I try another coil? Im guessing the only way to is to buy one to find out if it solves the issue?

More likely error in your meter

at very low resistance values, you need a real good quality meter to measure accurately


I fthe coil had failed, it would should open circuit (infinity)

0.4ohms is fine

The coil has not failed - your problem is elsewhere

You might also check for your spark at night. Sometimes it's very hard to see it in the day.

youre right, I forgot to factor in the resistance of the multimeter.


I traced back the harness, turns out I plugged the wrong wire into the kickstand switch so I guess that was causing a no spark signal.


All fixed now!


Thanks again guys!

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