Another Swingarm Question

So the swingarm has a pair of roller hearings on each side  or, each half for a total of 4 bearings...and a thrust bearing on each side too.

The swing arm bolt runs through the entire assembly seeing: Frame / Swingarm/ Engine / Swing Arm / Frame

Are there any bushings or bearings in the engine case?

I see something that looks like a bushing in there any more?

Is the hole in the engine just a clearance or is it 'load bearing' to the rest of the whole assembly?

BTW: One other thing for future reference: If and when you set out to do the bearings in the swingarm, there are TWO kits you need. One set is for the swingarm and the swingarm only. They other kit is called a 'pivot kit' and contains all the other bearings, collars and seals you will need. By the time you are done about $150 for both kits

There are no bearings in the engine case.  What you see there are steel inserts pressed into the case to prevent the bore in the cases from loosening over the swing arm pivot due to wear from vibration.  That point on the engine is load bearing insofar as it anchors the back of the engine assembly, and in that it is a part of the "stack" that the pivot bolt clamps down on.

Thanks Grayracer, I suspected so but I was not 100% sure

Makes sense now. Everything is fixed in place with exception of the two pints on the swingarm with the bearings


Man! Swingarm service is like taking apart a swiss watch!

Esp if you stay with the old needle bearings w/o a cage to hold them in place

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