I am going nuts with all this snow.

It just snowed another 15" here in the Salt Lake area, Will I ever get to ride again? I'am starting to have withdrawls, I'am getting shaky, nervous, and irritable, I need to feel the power of that 450, I need to feel the back tire break loose and slide around until its right along side of me, I need go down a single track trail at about fifty MPH, heck I even miss crashing. Man I can't wait til spring!

We are not doing any better out here in the midwest! :D It is killing me. I have to ride every weekend or I go stir crazy! :D I thought you guys were snow free except for the peaks out in desert land? :)

Man, I feel for you! This weekend was the first time I was unable to ride because of snow. We got six inches where we normally go (out in the desert) but we took the quads as backup. ATV's are very anti-climatic and boring compared to dirt bikes, but at least we got to bust out 20 miles instead of sitting in front of the computer. :):D

It's a little cold here, but no snow. We sure could use some moisture. I don't mind snow if it melts off in a day or two. I grew up in Wisconsin in the 1970's and I don't miss that kind of weather for sure.

Only thing keeping me from riding is my bruised thigh.

Not much snow hear but has been cold as hell :D. I have taken this oppitunity to disassemble my 450 & my son's ttr125 to clean, replace any worn parts & lube and regrease everything so it will be ready for the warmer weather :). Once that is done I will bring our bikes to the dealer for valve adjustments for I don't have the knowledge nor the time to try and do it myself.

Smoke :D

We have 6 feet of snow here. Driving down the road is like driving through a tunnel !!! I can't wait till it settles & gets packed. The ice cleats are on & i'm going to have a blast :)

I'll have to use my KX 500 for now, my new blue is still hibernating in a crate :D

15 inches of snow, you were lucky! I used to dreeeeaaaam of only getting 15 inches of snow. We got 3 feet last week and another 2 feet yesterday. I was out for an hour run today and another 7 inches fell. I have to park my bike on the roof of the shed so it doesn't get buried every night. Head out on a sled trail and slap that 450. I gare-on-tee that back tire'll break loose and slide around until its right along side of you. Sometimes mine even passes me and races the front into a turn. Man, I miss crashing in only 15 inches of snow. You can still almost feel the ground when you hit. My memory's getting a bit bad and without the pain of solid contact I'm not sure if I crashed in that 6 foot drift or just stopped to make snow angels. I love riding in the snow! I love it better than riding in the dirt! It has been awhile though, and maybe I forget how much fun dirt riding can be. Grab your mittens and hit the slopes. Once you get the hang of it it's a blast! You'll be a better rider by the time spring rolls around and your bike'll be as clean as the day it rolled off the showroom floor.

:(I know what you mean. This snow sucks!

We have 6 feet of snow here. Driving down the road is like driving through a tunnel !!!

I'm sure that's fun if your'e only visiting. LOL

You must have a snow machine to keep you busy in the winter???

What's "snow" ? :):D

Snow makes the riding season that much more of a thrill to look forward to...Only 2 months to go now... :)

The winters here are extremely harsh. You would never want it for 4-6 months non-stop. It is unbelivable. I have a Yamaha SRX 700, but i prefer my bikes anyday...that includes the later ice & trail riding in the winter.

Winters here are BRUTAL !!! :)


enjoy it :)

What part of the rock are you from Gashira? I'm originally from CB and did a bit of wrenching for a road racer from Grand Falls.

fixed your link


Not much snow hear but has been cold as hell :D.

Cold as hell...That's a good one..... :):D :D

Hehe guys, go ride in the snow!!! Enjoy it!!! :)

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow... :D

Sorry to have to be the new guy but I'm trying to figure out how to put up pics imagestation

How in the heck do you get pics in the posts??? imagestation

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