I am going nuts with all this snow.

Nice pics! We don't get much level ice here. I spend most of my time riding cross country through mountain trails. sno trailIt looks like you were on an ice track (judging by the pylons). Do you have any organized ice races there? Do you spend much time on the trails?

Yeah this was an ice track, I went againg last weekend and there was alot of snow on it and it was awsome!!! It's really good practice to drive in the snow or on the ice, and if you fall it isn't that bad. Yes we do have few organized ice races over here but I don't know if they will be this year, there was one supposed to be half month ago but we got a bann on have'ing it (don't ask me why, the people who are in charge here just don't like dirtbikes :)) and there was supposed to be few more but now all the snow is melted, though... this is Iceland so it could easilie come back "if you don't like the weather... wait for 10 minuits". And yes, I spend most of my time on trails. :D

:) karma.....

I took 3 weeks of leave from my work so I can test and tune. Go figure it would snow and if it wasn't snowing the wind chill was to much. My luck!!

I'm from Southern California. What is that white stuff?

Did someone cleanout a big freezer? :):D :D

It's just like riding in the sand, maybe a little slipperier and a bit colder. Here's a 90 second clip of bouncing through Arctic Pack ice shot from my helmet cam Jan 25. Beware that you have to download and the clip is 13 meg.

<A HREF="http://www.imagestation.com/album/?id=4287716725"><IMG SRC="http://www.imagestation.com/images/is/community/this_album_button.gif"

hehe dude!!! that was cool!!! :) What camera are you using and how do you put it on the helmet???

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