I just bought a 2006 yfz450. It's my first thumper and the exhaust pipe get extremely hot. I think it's not normal? Any suggestions will be appreciated thanks

I've read somewhere that that's suppose to be a sign of a carb issue. To rich or lean I don't remember but use the search bar and check the carb/jetting section. My 2001 runs very strong and never gets red hot.

The exhaust does normally get extremely hot.  A normal, healthy YZF will in fact get hot enough at an idle to be able to see a pronounced red glow if viewed in low light, such as in a garage at night. (about 800 degrees)

They all glow red I have a 2012 when I first noticed that I was scared and I did a lot of research everything is okay I can't ride mine was shorts or Burns my leg

The yfz's do run a little hotter than most bikes, or at least, you can see it more (maybe the header is thinner?) But all yfz's I've eve been around do that. They are always the first to start glowing on a night ride. Most new 4 strokes do it, my ltr is the same way

Thanks everyone for the help

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