YZ450F 2015 Front Wheel Spacer

Hi, I bought a new YZ450F 2015 earlier this year and now that winter has hit us here in Sweden I was in the garage changing to winter tyres for some snow fun. When I removed the wheel I noticed that I had no spacers on the front wheel. On the left side of the wheel (looking from the front of the bike) the axle is sort of acting as a spacer, but on the breakdisc side there wasn't any spacer and I could actually see the balls in the bearing. When I try to tighten the front axle again the disc is pressing on the breakpads and the front wheel locks up. Did they assemble my bike incorrectly when I bought it or what? I can't for the life of me find my manual so I can't confirm that there's supposed to be a spacer there but I can't see any other solution. Anyway, that's why im asking you guys.

There is supposed to be a spacer on the brake side, yes. 

are you talking about the collars that sit on each side of the oil seal?  if so, the manual on the 2014 is showing one on each side.

Sounds like when they assembled it they forgot the spacer...

Have you been riding it since you bought it? Seems that if the collar was missing the whole time, you would have been having noticable issues. More than likely it fell out somewhere between romoving and re installing the wheel. I would be re tracing my steps and looking under anything it may have rolled under. Did you change the tire yourself or did you take the wheel to a bike shop?

Thats what I thought at first too, that I dropped it and it rolled away but it's not there. And this is the first time I've removed the front wheel, but like you said I think I would have noticed if that damn spacer wasn't there while riding. That little a**hole has got to be there somewhere. Well atleast I know it's supposed to be one there, atleast I can order a new one.... this is so stupid =D

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