I changed my oil seals and my impeller shaft and bearing put it all back together still see any freeze in oil. does it take time for The anti-freeze to clean out of the motor? I changed the oil three times already and I still see some kind of anti-freeze in the oil

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The problem is that coolant cannot migrate from the water pump to the crankcase because there is an air gap between the seals tha allows coolant leaking at the impeller shaft to escape to the outside.  Your problem is elsewhere in the engine, probably a head gasket, perhaps a base gasket.  Rarely, a leak at  the right side crankcase cover where it seals against the crankcase.

The head gasket, base gasket are fairly new The anti-freeze level is staying the same and the oil level is staying the same it's driving me crazy

It was leaking out the weep hole and the Oil seals were completely shot

How do you get the air pocket out

AIr pocket?

Sorry air gap could it be that I didn't push one of the seals in all the way

They air pocket is a there for the purpose of not allowing the antifreeze to mix with the oil. I would suspect that the o ring is pinched or tore in the port from the pump to the bottom of the head. I have had this happen after water pump seal & shaft replacement. When this o ring fails small amounts of antifreeze show in oil

Is the o ring about an inch round?

Thereabouts, yes.

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