just picked up a 98 yz400f

top end is thrashed. i cant seem to find a big broe kit for this bike either. i did some researching and from what i understand i could use a 426 jug and a 450 piston to make a new top end? btw i paid 800 for the bike with a full fmf exhaust and nice plastics i think i got a good deal?

No, wasn't a good deal where I live. I can pick up one of those any day for 1000 running and every week there's a deal for a nice one for 800. But, if it's a bike you like, and it's nice there's nothing wrong with keeping it for yourself. Problem is if your Piston and jug are roasted that badly you probably need a head, and crank too. Or at least new valves. Got pics of the damage?

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