2000 yz426 engine rebuild


I am new to this forum and joined mostly to see if someone can answer my question. I bought a "box project" of a 2000 yz426 and knew it needed a new cylinder head. I bought the new head and it is marked with pink stripes above the lifter area. Reading in my manual it describes that the heads, valves and lifters are marked with either blue, black or yellow. I can only assume that these parts are all of certain tolerances and fit best when matched together. But mine is painted pink? I am waiting to hear back from the yamaha dealer i bought it from. I have put the head together using the old valves(which were new before the engine blew after 10 minutes)and lifter buckets which are coded blue. Everything seems to measure out alright and valves adjusted ok with shims. I just want to make sure all is correct before i start this thing. Thanks

here are pictures of the paint stripes. Every yamaha dirt bike is built this way as far as I can guess. I also have a 2009 yz250. The parts diagrams list the different valve lifter buckets with the different color coding but I can't find out what the difference is and if it's safe to mismatch the colors. 





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