2012 wr450f clutch (rekluse?) problem

This bike is new to me, it was my first day on it. I bought it as a trade in from a dealer. They told me it had a rekluse clutch and they had gone in and adjusted the springs. I have never had a rekluse before so it was new to me. I do know it was probably one of their lower models?? because the oem wr450f clutch cover was still on the bike and didn't need the rekluse cover.

I was at a poker run and about halfway through the first lap my lever lost all play in it and was basically all the way in by my grip. I probably only got a few more minutes with it just riding off of using the rekluse no stall method using no clutch lever before I did end up stalling over a log. From there I was trying to adjust the lever back out thinking that was the problem but I must of overtightened the cable or something because now my lever just feels stiff with no normal movement. But even now if I try to readjust it back out there is still a stiff clutch lever that does not feel right. So the lever adjust in and out but the pull still feels stiff. Im pretty bad at explaining it by typing so I apologize.

I am not sure if its just the cable but I have never had problems before with my old wr450f or any of my vast sportbikes ever adjusting a cable/lever. From this pic it looks like the cable is probably fully adjusted in but no matter how I adjust the cable up by the clutch lever this position never changes, where the cable goes into the arm. (hopefully I am making sense)


So I am wondering if its the rekluse clutch causing problems internally? Or if anyone has any ideas? Thanks for any help.


With a Rekluse, you must keep 1/8" or more slack at the clutch perch at all times, and when you rev the motor in neutral, you should actually see the lever move a few mm more, if you rest your finger on it.


If it was not set up that way, you burned out the rekluse, and the ballbearings are flattened and no longer sliding. It's like being in neutral


The good news is that it's and easy fix.


The fact that you lost all cable pressure is strange however...

I am starting to think it might be internal?? No matter how I try to adjust the clutch I get either a stiff feeling out of it or loosen it enough that there is no return from the arm the clutch cable goes into down on the motor.

First you need to identify which Rekluse you have. Then go to their web site http://www.rekluse.com/offroadproducts.shtml  and adjust it like it tells you to for the model you have. They have at least 6 different styles/models. I have an '04 DRZ435 and a '13 WR450F both with the EXP 2.0 installed. In adjusting these you take all the play out of the cable and then some. You will not have any slack in the cable or clutch lever what so ever. Like Kah Ran Nee said you will get about 1/8" movement in the clutch lever when running & you rev the engine up and just holding 1 finger on the clutch lever it will move slightly. If you can't get it adjusted once you identify it call Rekluse and explain your problem. They were very helpful to me when I was setting up my DRZ435 as it was not stock & that is what they built the DRZ400 Rekluse for, a stock engine. Good luck but don't give up. You can buy bits and pieces of parts for the clutch at a reasonable price if any are needed.

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It makes a rather big difference in setup and operation/adjustment, etc., to know which of the three very different Rekluse clutches the OP is running.  Since it has the OEM cover, we can rule out the Core EXP, but that still leaves the question of whether it's a Z-Start Pro or an EXP 2.0/3.0.   If the answer can't be arrived at in any other way, remove the clutch cover and see if it has the normal, OEM pressure plate with six spring screws in it, or a steel plate with about 12 small Torx screws (the Z-Start).


Until then, you have a 50/50 chance of working with advice that will get you nowhere.

It seems that the clutch boss nut had come loose. Got it tightened back on and have feeling again in the clutch lever.

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