Oooops, I did it again


Ever since I have been on this site, I keep buying new toys for my bike.... Well, for me actually... :)

Recent upgrades/updates:

Vortex CDI - Massive improvement

Hydralic Clutch - Yeah Baby...

Money, money, money, can never have enough.. :D


To what do you attribute the improvements resulting from the aftermarket CDI? Does it change the timing curve or just the spark output?

But what I really want to know more about is the juice clutch:

Hebo, Billetanium or Magura?

How was the install?

How is the clutch pull relative to stock?

How bulky is the resevoir and lever?

Do you think it will clear my Cycra handguards (the mags never test for stuff like that)?

Just curious…

Hey Hick,

Long time no speak...... How have you been???

Anyways, the updates are as follows:

CDI - Modifies the curve. High/Low curves. MASSIVE improvement.

Magura Clutch

- 30 minute install, of whick most was spent finding the most optimum position on the bars. The WR's light control unit gets in the way a little. Just a little patience

- Soft, progressive, almost silky smooth.. :)

- Combined decomp lever as well. Not really that bulky, about the same size as the front brake unit.

- Does your front brake reserviour get covered by the Cycra? If so, then you should not have a problem. Although, depends how you position the levers...




Thanks for the report, I didn’t know the Magura incorporated a comp. release. I have triple clamp mounted Cycras in part to clear my front brake line, (I like my levers pointed WAY down) so I bet the clutch res. would clear as well.

I just spent over a grand on my bike just in parts (crank, bearings, cases, 4 gears), including $325 to Eric Gorr for a bore, replate and 13.5:1 97 mm Wiseco piston (I needed new rings anyway). The 444 runs great so far (on pump gas!) but I haven’t had a chance to really flog it yet. The weekend can’t get here fast enough (I haven’t ridden in over a month)!

But that juice clutch is VERY tempting…

Can you change the curve on the fly (ala Husaberg) with the Vortex CDI? Is either setting closer to stock (high or low) or does stock CDI’s curve seem to split the Vortex high/low difference? I’m kind of surprised to hear you say it made such a big difference, I always thought these things were more hype than actual help…

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