'09 too snappy just above idle. How do I tame it down?

The cam will cost you several HP, but it will calm down part of what makes it aggressive.  There's still the timing map and the very light flywheel.

Or just learn how to ride and problem solved!  :p


Seriously though, it's a normal trait of the YZ...they're race bikes man! Both my '08 and '14 are snappy off idle and I ride in the woods all the time. NBD.

You can replace the left side balance weight with one from an 06 450 it's quite a bit heavier and gives the effect of a flywheel weight. You can get them for cheap of e-bay. Of you want more snap put one in from a 10-13.

I have a rekluse in both my 450s night and day ride ability is awesome. I also went up to a 51 tooth in the rear it really helps to ride a gear higher plus it doesn't kill the topend to much.

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399.00 for rekluse 20 minutes install (easy) never go back for woods rider. enough said!

Where in the world are you seeing a rekluse for 399 mdsharon???

rocky mt, motosport many places exp 3.0

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