Scotts damper for sale

Hey guys,

I have a Scott's steering damper for sale, complete with non-weld frame bracket, and 7/8inch bar clamp. And of course, the installation and book that was included via Scotts. Perfect shape. About 100 hours of use. Should fit all YZFs and WRs.

I can also include a set of Renthal McGrath bend bars with the bowed cross bar if your interested. Pad included.

I was going to post this up on E-Bay but thought I would offer it to ThumperTalk members first.

Clueless as what to charge.

Let me know if you're interested.


Dave, how much do you want for all of it? I am interested, email me at


I'm interested too.

Please let me know what the others are offering, I'm sure I can make a better deal.



Thanks for all the e-mails and offers. I received far more replies than I ever expected.

Sorry to have to do this, but since I'm not too sure how to be fair to everyone, and control the whole price thing, I think it's best to post it on E-Bay. I'll run it for just three days so that the final bidder can get to action asap.

Thanks again and I'll let you guys know as soon as I get it posted, (should be no later than Wednesday - tomorrow).


I'm not interested in your Scotts but here is my $0.02.

This is not eBay so I am not really in favor of having people making offers on stuff. This is TT so be good to your fellow TTers. :) Based on the interest and what you paid, decide on a TT price that is what the mimimum you want out of it.

Then repost with your FIRM TTer price and first person to PM you gets the goods. If no one wants it at that price, then post it on eBay. Otherwise, if you need the MAXIMUM cash, just post stuff there first.

Regards and Good Luck.

Steve T



Guys - before you get religious about something you're not even sure what you're religious about, understand that this board is here to share anything that may help the fellow thumper.

My intention was to offer it to someone on the board for a good price before I did the greedy E-Bay thing. But when I received too many offers, be some of them good and some bad, the only way to be fair was to post it on E-Bay.

Spam is one thing, but if a fellow thumper has goods for sale that I want or could use to help my riding, I sure hope they post it.

If you don't like it, skip the post.


Whoa - wait a minute. I think you took this the wrong way. I am in fact NOT asking that people refrain from posting items for sale. I like that. Merely that it would do fellow TTers a favor if people just asked for a certain price, maybe lower than they would want from a non-TTer. Save the eBay-style bidding and/or maximum prices for two-smokers - LOL! I can certainly understand if you just don't know what something is worth...

If I had the dough right now I would have wanted the Scotts too!!

Sorry if I came off wrong.

BTW - I am very familiar with Campbell, CA. :) I've lived in Fremont, worked in San Mateo, relatives in San Jose, school in Berkeley, wife school in Palo Alto, etc, etc. I love the Bay Area but riding dirt bikes is a tough hobby to have there. There are way more riding areas here in Texas and no silly red/green sticker stuff.


Steve T

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