anybody running MOTO Z tractionator enduro S/T's?

both our WR450's (03 and 07) need rear tires. the 03 had a Kenda Trakmaster on it when we bought it this summer, wasn't bad then but half a season and that soft tire is near bald (had one on my XR 200 and it was a wicked tire, but a WR just burns it off). so when I was at our local dealer dropping my carb off for ultrasonic cleaning I was checking out all other parts I need for next season I checked out tires and talked to the guys there about something a little harder, he pointed out this MOTO Z and stated it should do fine in some mud but last longer on gravel rail beds, dirt roads and the odd bit of pavement to get from one trail to the next.


so I was just curious if any of you guys have run this tire and how did it perform/ wear in your riding conditions?

Very durable

Good traction in loose terrain

Fair on hardpack

Very, very, stiff sidewall (6 ply),  so it's not a good 'feel' or steering rear tire, similar to the K270 Kenda trackmaster.


I prefer the IRC M5b over that tire anyday.

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