License Plate Holder Replacement

I have a Baja Designs DS kit on my 2003 WR450.  The cheesy aluminum license plate bracket broke years ago and I have been running with the license plate mounted directly on the rear fender.  Need to adapt another license plate holder since the original Baja Designs unit is no longer available.  Looking for something that will mount under the rear fender yet not interfere with the OEM tail light.  My existing tail light/brake light still works so I only need the license plate illumination light to be legal.  Any recommendations?

I made my own by cutting and bending an old fender from a WR.  I heated it with a heat gun and bent it into the shape I needed.  Bolted it on from underneath.  Indestructible and the color matched.  

Found this one on e-bay

eBay item number:

I have never seen the BD bracket, but I use the Scotts version on my steel framed WRs and they seem to be indestructable.

Mounts under the fender using the taillight bolts.


More than one rider has bent a bracket with a failed wheelie and we just bend it back.   Have had one on my personal bike

for a very long time and many 1000s of miles of rough trail and don't see any signs if it ever failing.


Unfortunately I just checked and it seems the Scotts bracket is no longer available either.    But it is extremely simple, you

could make your own with a piece of aluminum and a suitable cutting tool in just a few minutes.

I'd go with something made from a non-brittle plastic vs metal

I use a $4.00 inspection plate sold from my local dealer bolted up to my factory tail light upswing only longer screws. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1422256284.807859.jpg

Here is another view. ImageUploadedByThumper Talk1422256365.778358.jpg

Appreciate the responses, looks like some creative DIY solutions out there.  Found an inexpensive LED tail light/license plate from RMATV that should do the trick, looks almost identical to the BD version that comes nowadays as part of their DS kits.  If I can't easily adapt the RMATV bracket, I will fab my own version out of aluminum.

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