Northwest FL and South AL riders


i live in pensacola and i don't have anyone to ride with and it gets pretty lonely riding by myself all the time. if u or if u know someone that lives near me please contact me. thank you


'01 KLX300R


I live in Tallahassee, but because of family in Cantonment I travel out that way periodically. One time my son and I went to West Florida Motocross Park in Milton off exit 10(?). It was a really cool place to ride and I'm sure you will find many guys there to ride with. The number is 850-623-6038...


hey bobby

man i am about to go to college at FSU so i will be in tallahassee soon. i probably won't be able to have my dirtbike there the 1st year but my sophmore year i am sure i will. is there good riding areas around tallahassee? yeah my dad owns about 22 acres right next to that motorcross park but i never went there to ride cause i thought it was strictly just motorcross. but my e-mail is if u ever come in town u can e-mail me. please tell me ur e-mail too so i can keep in touch just in case i have my dirtbike in tallahassee. well talk to ya later



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