did some stuff

just got my wheel bearings and water pump seals in today... went really smooth for being the 1st time of ever doing these things in my life..  so i figured id do a little cosmetic stuff to her for being good..  btw, as far as fixing the E-start, not happening.. kicker works great and finally got the carb dialed in perfectly... finally!!


lighting sucks, in the sun it should show how blue it is




Wow, that looks awesome! How did you go about that? I'm about to do my water pump seals... Hoping for a smooth job as well. My clutch cover could use some love too!

Well thanks but im gonna end up popping off the clutch cover and do something else, its cobalt blue and doesnt look as good as i was hoping as its a bad contrast with yamaha blue, probably go back to gunmetal with it all, may attempt a carbon fiber look to it using cheesecloth and black with gunmetal grey.. ill probably leave the blue on the oil and water pump cover though.. ive got too much time on my hands and was a little ripped when i did this lol

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