Acerbis 3.3 Tank on 2007 WR450F

Last night I installed the Acerbis 3.3 gallon tank on my '07 WR450F. I didn't realize that it replaces the radiator shrouds. This isn't necessarily a bad thing but the big blue tank takes away from the looks of the bike. I'm trying to determine if graphics are made for it and if so, what have you guys used or know of and recommend. Pics are worth a 1000 words.


For those folks looking at purchasing one of these tanks here are a few of my observations:

  • Fit and finish is very good. Petcock holes were clean and well placed. Tank feels very sturdy.
  • Installation was very easy and straightforward. I do wish the instructions mentioned loctite. Only after putting the whole thing together did I think it would've been a good idea to use it. Doh! Will disassemble and redo tonight.
  • Everything lined up pretty well although the little lower brackets on the radiators needed a little 'help' to fit. So of this could be due to the bikes radiator brackets being 'tweaked' with use.
  • The petcock itself seems very flimsy compared to stock. I'm going to start looking for a quality aftermarket replacement. Don't care for the plastic lever. The fuel hose nipple is slightly smaller than the stock one so I'm less secure about the fit. The o-ring seems very small and unsophisticated compared to stock. Hasn't leaked so far but didn't give me a lot of confidence. You can't use the stock petcock because it has 2 tubes that run up into the tank while the Acerbis only has one hole. 
  • I think once it has graphics it'll look good and well integrated. Without them it's a big blue blob.  
  • I purchased from Price was good and delivery was immediate. It's the first time I've purchased from them.
  • For all the other dumb*sses out there like me who wondered how you could use the gas from the part of the tank that hangs down low by the shrouds, well you don't. That area is blocked off within the tank. The 3.3 gallons is measured without it.


Thanks for any help.

I have the same tank on my 09.  I read your post and went to the garage and stuck a dowel into the tank, all the way into the part that is below the petcock.  So mine has gas that I can't use.  Are you sure about that part being blocked off on yours?  I bought mine a year ago, maybe they have changed.  I used the petcock it came with and put RTV silicone around it, no leaks yet.  The fit and function are good but the bike looks like an ugly mutt.  And the shroud full of gas looks vulnerable.  Like if I took a spill onto rocks it could cause a leak.  

And when will Yamaha get it?  That a 40 MPG 450 enduro bike needs a tank bigger than 2.1 gallons.  

Well, I think I stand corrected. I eyeballed it originally so I just went back out to look and it does appear the gas goes all the way down the shrouds. Couldn't get a dowel down there but shined a light from behind and it looked like gas was all the way down to the tips. So, great, I bought a 3.3 gal tank that I can't access .5 gallon of? Also, doesn't that mean you have to lean the bike over to get the gas from the right side to the left side when it gets low?


BTW, did you put any graphics on your tank? Do you have the white or blue model? I looked online and from pictures it 'appears' that I can use standard 07 WR graphics on the tank. Here's what I ordered. I'll post back here one they're on.

It's my understanding that any graphics on a plastic gas tank will be prone to 'bobbling' as the plastic tanks are very slightly porous to the gas fumes. Graphics made specifically for plastic gas tanks have lots of small 'cuts' in them to help reduce this problem but note it's also my understanding it only helps reduce not solve the problem.

I have the blue tank and haven't tried to put any graphics on it.  I ought to.  At a gas station somebody said he'd never heard of an Acerbis motorcycle.   

That gas that you can't access is also wasted weight.  

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