Suspension work in Arizona?

I want to have my suspension redone and I was wondering who you fellow Arizonan's would recommend? I heard Piper is pretty good, but have also heard the same of Pro-Action...Any ideas? Anyone else? Thanks!

Hey Clay, long time no see/hear from you.

I would go with Piper, he can make the YZ forks work with or without using the Gold Valves (he rides/races YZs).

I don't have any first hand knowledge about Pro-Action but I have had Blose do most of my Hondas in the past and was happy with his work.

Just thought about MX-Tech also. They got great reviews in the mags and John at PaloVerdeMX is doing their work here.

I guess it IS a tough choice!

BTW, I just sold my 426 and am going to a 250F.

You gonna come race this year?

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I'd reccomend FCR Suspension. He makes his own valve bodies which work great. Pro-Action is good too.

Hi Bob- Good to hear from you! I have talked to Steve a few times via e-mail and he has talked me into coming back out to race again. Still have the same old problems with the shoulders but if I ride around in last place at least I will be having fun, heck, even with good shoulders I would be there so why not! I am thinking about geting the 400 re-done for now until I can get another YZF or WR 250. Give me a call and lets go riding! Thanks for the info also! :)

So you still have the 400?

Did you sell the 250?

When are you coming down to race?

I won't have a bike for a week or two but it'll be good to see you and catch up on things.

if u dont mind the drive go to dicks racing in vegas, he is the best for desert riding, if thats what u want done

I'd go with Piper. The best thing about shops like Piper is if you don't like the way he valved it, he will make it right.

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