Any advice on how to mount YZ silencer on a WR?

If anyone has any guidance on how to mount a YZ426 silencer on my WR426, I'd sure appreciate it.

From what I can see, the upper mounting hole (near the fender) is quite a bit larger than the WR, so I'm going to have to get some sort of rubber bushing and get a longer bolt with a few fender washers.

If anyone can give their two cents worth on this one, it would be good to hear what someone experienced at this would say.

Tks- DD

You need to buy the YZ rubber grommet (damper) , spacer washer (collar), bolt and washer from the dealer. Part #s:

5BE-14747-00-00 DAMPER, MUFFLER

90201-081R9-00 WASHER, PLATE

90387-0814J-00 COLLAR

95817-08030-00 BOLT, FLANGE

The bolt and washer you can get elsewhere but the collar and damper are dealer only items I think. With these parts in hand it will bolt right up. :)

Thanks PBDBLUE! I'm on the way to the dealer tomorrow, I appreciate the help!!


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